A quiet night in

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Sometimes its nice to just have a nice night in at home. Especially if you've had a long week at work or the kiddies have been causing havoc since you got up. 

My idea night in starts with a nice bath to relax. I always have a lush bath bomb waiting for my night in baths. I cant pick a favourite because i am obsessed with so many of them!

Lush bath bombs

After a lovely bath i like to put on a fresh pair of pyjamas. Nothing to fancy as i'm just going to be sat around the house getting wine and crisps down the front of them.😂

Next pyjama set

Next i usually go downstairs pick my wine out of the fridge and poor myself a nice sized glass full and then proceed to grab everything i will need for the evening so i don't have to keep getting up. This collection is usually the rest of the wine, whatever snacks i fancy and a face mask.

 Benefit the porefessional masks


Then its time to choose a film! i have an amazon fire stick which is great for watching films and series on. If you subscribe to prime you can get tonnes of the films and shows included! you can get all the catch up sites like all 4 and bbc iplayer and it even streams netflix and other film sites.


The end of my relaxing night in is usually me waking on the sofa because i fell asleep watching a film and dragging my self to bed haha.

what do you do for night in and how do you fit it in around your busy lives? leave us a comment below.

Amber x




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