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We all know the stress of trying to figure out what to wear for a date. 

How do I wear my hair? What make up shall i wear?  


It's more stressful trying to sort out the way we want to look, than it is going on the actual date!!


Well... it all depends on where you're going, out for dinner, to the movies or just for a coffee. They all have different ways you should dress. You wouldn't go for a coffee wearing what you would wear on a night out - Or, would you?!


Coffee or laid back date


If you're going on a date like this, you don't want to go too over the top. Keep it natural and smart but casual. Wear something you feel comfortable in so you feel more relaxed.



Depending on the weather team with a light floaty cardigan or a black leather jacket.


If your being wined and dined on your date, then you will want something a bit more dressed up.... A nice dress and heels or even a fancy jumpsuit.







Bardot dress 



If your not sure where you're being taken, opt for something in between, a little bit dressy but still smart and casual.

Open shoulder dress



Strappy lace up shoes



If in doubt, flats are always a good option, they are comfy and with so many cute styles to compliment your outfit... You will find something for you.

Whats the most memorable date you've ever been on? 

Amber x



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