Estee lauder double wear vs Mac studio fix

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It's a constant argument as to which is the better foundation Mac studio fix or Estee lauders double wear.



So here is how i got on with both these brands.


First of all i have been using Estee lauders double wear for about 2 months and in that time i have had a love hate relationship with it. I got matched at a Selfridges in Manchester and the colour was a perfect match. I absolutely love how well it covers any imperfections on my face, any redness or spots are covered enough for me to not worry about them. It also lasts all day long, my day starts at 7 am and ends about 10 pm and in that time the foundation just doesn't budge. I got colour matched at a Estee lauder stand and they matched me perfectly! But the downside is it didn't feel like my skin could breathe it feels light on my skin but the amount of spots and problems drastically increased, now that could be a number of things that are causing this but as soon as i stopped using the foundation my skin has started to improve. I did find that it was difficult to remove, i use micellar water and even then i had to scrub at my face quite a bit to make sure it had all been removed.

I had a hard time getting the right colour for my skin i matched my skin online and got a nc20 match but when it arrived it was much to dark, so i ordered a nc15 which luckily matched much better, not perfect but there is no colour in between.When i first put it on it felt lovely on my skin almost like a moisturiser and smelt really nice and fresh. But it took some working into the skin with my foundation brush before it felt like it was blending properly. The coverage is about medium, very natural looking and you could still see my freckles through it. which i didn't mind but if you want a full coverage this may not be for you. My skin was able to breathe in the day and it hasn't caused any break outs so far. Unfortunately even when using a primer this foundation doesn't last the whole day without coming off on my chin and forehead, i could re-apply but i'm not one for carrying my make up around with me. But these are the areas on my face that get a bit oily so some extra powder in the day would probably help stop this. I found that it was easier to apply other products such as concealer and contour over the top of this foundation as it doesn't dry out straight away. Its super easy to take off at the end of the day, no scrubbing at my face to hard!

Overall i like both of these foundation for different reasons, they both have good and bad qualities and depending of what your after you will prefer one or the other. Personally i prefer the Mac foundation on me because i don't necessarily need that full coverage all the time and i don't like the fact that it broke my skin out. 

If you've tried one or both of these foundations let us know why you liked or didn't like it in the comments!

Amber x

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  • Hi pls tell me which is the best make up Estee Lauder or Mac???

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