Euro 2016 survival guide

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Non football fans listen up... The Euros are starting and we have some top tips on how to get through it.


1. Get out of the house!

If you can try and get out when the matches are on, but avoid bars and pubs that show the football or you will end up in the thick of it. 


Why not get a group of fellow non football fans and go for a nice meal or to someone's house and have a quiet night in. 


2. Learn everything there is to know about the matches.

This one is more of a last resort if you can't make any other plans or if you've been dragged to watch it!

The dreaded offside rule is the most confusing thing I've ever had to understand so I took the liberty of googling a picture that might make it easier to understand.


3. Make the most of the deals.

One of the perks of the football is that loads of food and drinks are on offer. just some of the deals include.




3. Just hold out until it finishes, its going to be talked about whether we like it or not, so we might as well just put up with it for the couple of weeks it is on for, its only every 4 years so it could be worse! 

Who are you rooting to win? 

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