Faking that tan

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The warm weather is almost here, and I don't know about you, but I'm currently looking more like Caspar the ghost than the tanned goddess I want to look like!


  With no holiday booked for this year, I have no other choice but to fake it 'til I make it!!


 The reason I love fake tan so much is it's so easy to do once you get into it, and if it's too dark or too light you can fix it super quick.


So here are some of my go to fake tans.


My all time favorite has to be Marissa Carter cocoa brown, I use this twice a week for a sun kissed bronze colour. There are a couple of different variations but the one I use, is the 1 hour tan. Its a mousse formula with a guide colour so you can see if you've missed anywhere and then you either leave it 1 hour up to 3/4 hours depending on how dark you want it to be, then you just rinse the guide colour off and tad-ah!





Another fake tan I regularly use is the Fake Bake 5 minute mousse. This is perfect for tanning just before you need to go out the house. It still develops darker throughout the day but has a lovely starting tan so you can just tan and go. Plus is smells like sun cream so it reminds me off the summer.






If you're more into gradual tanning then St Tropez is a fab tanner, that gives you a lovely natural looking tan. This tanner is good if you want to tan over a week or two for an event or a holiday.




Some of the biggest rules of fake tanning is to moisturise and to exfoliate!

This is the best way to get your tan to last and to keep it looking even and not patchy. Some of the tans above have their own moisturisers and exfoliators that all work together.  

You should ideally being moisturising everyday and ALWAYS exfoliate before you apply tan otherwise it will go patchy on top of the old tan, not a good look!


Happy tanning!

Amber x





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