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Festival season is here!!

 Which means good music, amazing friends and very muddy fields.

If you're heading to a festival this year make sure you read on to find out the essentials.


What to wear...


Most of the festivals in the UK are in the summer so it will probably be quite warm, but it rains A LOT so make sure you've got some waterproofs and wellies. At night it still gets pretty chilly so be sure to have hoodies and warmer clothing for the night.







If you're staying over at the festivals you need to have these essentials. Make it a comfy place you can retreat to after a long day of dancing and having fun. An airbed with a couple of duvets and pillows and cuddle up with your besties to keep warm.








If you have your phone with you and other personal items invest in a bum bag, they have soared back into fashion and will stop you loosing your important stuff.





Earplugs to drown out the noise at night, some people just don't sleep at festivals so if you still want to catch your beauty sleep, you will need a pair.



Socks and lots of them! If it rains your socks are not going to last the day.... No one wants trench foot from wearing wet socks all day!



Its the UK so we all know it will probably rain. So make sure you've got a fab umbrella to keep dry. 
Most importantly keep safe and have fun!
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