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lIf your after a new do for the summer then look no further, we have the biggest hair trends right here for you to try out. After scouring the latest magazines and websites i have chosen a couple of doable hair trends for this summer.


Straight and sleek,

Time to stock up on the heat protector as super straight hair is back on trend! Poker straight hair can be hard to achieve in the humid summer weather, especially if you have curly hair. If you want straight hair to be a more permanent feature in your life why not asking your hairdresser about semi permanent straightening treatments.



Peachy pastels,

if your up for a big change and want to stand out why not opt for the peachy pastel trend this summer, forget the bright bold colours. Its a low maintenance colour that will fade our after a while and can easily be changed to suit what you want. Its best for those of us who are have lighter hair and wont have to bleach to much.


Copper and auburn's,

Red hair looks great all year round but this summer it is set to be a big trend with celebrities turning their locks this lovely shade. there are lots of different hues to compliment your skin tone and your look. Red is a big upkeep so be prepared to need your roots doing regularly. Make sure you avoid the bright apple and cherry reds if you want to nail this trend its all about it looking natural.



Loose waves,

That i woke up like this look is great for day to night and is super easy to do. Just be lazy with your curling tongues and scrunch it up afterwards with some texturising spray. it doesn't matter what your hair is like long or short this is a great summer style.



Some of the other trends this summer include pale pastel coloured hair, mini fringes (the fringe is about half way in between your eyebrows and your hairline) and Super short buzz cut hairstyles!


What do you think of these trends? Will you be trying any of them out?


Amber x


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