Keeping it classy for ladies day

Posted by Love Umbrellas on

 This year the big bosses at the grand national have asked us ladies to 'smarten up' in an effort to make the races more 'aspirational'. 



Ladies day is the place to be for every fashion loving lady and we all know that once we've spent months planning what we're going to wear and tanned from head to toe the great British weather will no doubt try to kill our spirits. Its an absolute necessity to take an umbrella but you want something that will stand out from the crowd as well as complimenting your outfit. Your boring old black brolly wont separate you from the hundreds of other women at the event. you want something glamorous and unique to get heads turning.






There are so many options on our website from pink and flowery to heart shaped and glittery we have something to match your outfit. Expect lots of compliments whilst keeping dry and looking fabulous. (we cant be held responsible for you being stopped every couple of steps for a photo.)



If only she had one of our umbrellas!


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