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At 20 years old i still cant drive and to most people that probably isn't a huge deal but where i live you need to learn pretty soon to be able to get out and about. Public transport in my little town is rubbish and unlike in the bigger cities the nearest shopping centre is at least half an hour away on the bus which would take a good few hours to walk. Another reason i decided to learn is because of the hills, i live in a valley and pushing a pram with a toddler and a weeks worth of shopping up a huge hill to my house is not fun.😭
I spent a good few weeks looking online at the different local driving instructors seeing how much they charged and what reviews they had. One company had a deal on the website but then on the phone decided that it wasn't available in my area. After some recommendations on Facebook i went for a company call PSM driving who were lovely on the phone. They had an instructor who worked in my area and she would be available in a couple of weeks. 
The instructor got in touch really quick and put me on her list and every time i moved up she would let me know and keep me up to date. Soon i was top of the list and we booked my first lesson.
I was really nervous before my first lesson but as soon as i got into the car i was put at ease straight away and made to feel really comfortable. She told me what everything in the car did and how it worked. She then explained what we would be doing in this first lesson and what i could expect to do in the next few lessons after that.
after a chat we went to a quiet housing estate and i got to drive up and down the hill in first gear, learning how to set off and pull in whilst getting to grips with the clutch pedal.
I enjoyed it more than i was expecting and was surprised at how much you can learn in just one lesson. i have definitely got a taste for driving and cant wait to do more lessons. 
Let us know what your first driving experience was like and if you enjoyed it or not! :)
Amber x


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