Life hacks

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Life hacks are little things that make life that bit easier. They can range from ways to store make up brushes to how to make use of old objects in your house.


Trying to watch something on your phone whilst travelling, why not use your sunglasses to prop your phone up! No more having to pause your show to let your arm have a rest.



Struggling to untie a knot? Don't untie it from underneath, twist the loose end as much as possible and push it through!



Need to keep emergency money on you but want somewhere safe to keep it, use an old lip balm to store a note in, plus only you will know that it isn't actually lip balm!



When you or your children are eating ice lollies use a cupcake case to avoid spills and sticky hands. 


Put a wine glass in your bowl of crisps to hold the dip! No more trying to balance two bowls on your knee.


Got an old umbrella, use it as a light shade!

There a few different ways to do this one find out how here!


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