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I am forever seeing pictures and videos of make up hacks and some of them are really amazing. So i decided to collect a couple to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!
There's nothing worse than opening a blush or powder to see that it has smashed to pieces. your saviour here is rubbing alcohol, adding a little bit to the smashed product and smoothing it down will fix it right up.
Has your favourite lipstick just broken in half? Well don't panic all you need is a lighter or a match to stick it back together. Heating up the lipstick causes it to start to melt so when you stick the other end back on and t starts to dry it acts like a glue holding them together.
If your like me and just cant get the winged liner right then grab a roll of sellotape or masking tape! using the tape helps get that perfect straight winged eyeliner. this trick also works for eye shadow so you don't end up with it all at the side of your eyes.
I hope you enjoy these hacks as much as i have!
Why not share your favourite make up hack or tips in the comments we would love to hear about them!
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