Office decor

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Working from home is great opportunity to style your office/desk space exactly how you want it.  


First of all you need somewhere to store all your pens and bits and bobs that you use every day. The best thing for this is to use a desk tidy.





Files are another necessity for your office, keep all those papers neat and in one place.




Mobile phones can pretty much do everything put most businesses still prefer to use a land line, so instead of settling for a boring asda landline phone get something that goes with your style and will look good in your office.





On them dark and dreary days a desk lamp is ideal, but why stop there, why not get a desk lamp that will charge your phone at the same time!




Your going to be spending a fair amount of time sat at your desk so you want something that not just looks good but is comfortable.









Desk pads are a great idea to have on you desk so when you have an idea or need to quickly write something down, you wont keep anyone waiting whilst you find a pen and paper. Plus they can be used as mouse pads!




There are lots of ways to make your office reflect your style. Buy a few key pieces that you really like and base everything around them. But don't over accessorize or it will feel cluttered and busy.


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