Prom fails

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Prom is the biggest event happening in every 16 year old's life this summer!

But sometimes it doesn't go to plan. The daily mail posted a feature about prom dresses gone wrong and we just had to share some of dresses with you.
Now ordering online can be risky anyway because you cant tell how well the dress will fit or if it will suit you, but imagine ordering a dress and receiving something that not only doesn't fit but looks nothing like the one you chose! 
That's exactly what happened to this poor girl.
Company shillas strikes again when a young girl ordered a dress and even sent her sizes off and received a dress that not only didn't fit it was the completely wrong colour.
This young lady didn't get quite what she asked for!
These fails are very funny but make sure you buy from a proper retailer and give plenty of time in case you need to send it back or get it altered. Or you could end up the next viral image of prom dress gone wrong!



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