Rainy day activities

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Its the summer holidays and you have 6 weeks to fill up with stuff to entertain and occupy the kids, but when the heavens open and the trip to the park gets cancelled what else is there to do?
If you don't mind getting stuck in and messy why not do some easy cooking. The little ones can get involved and the reward for all there hard worm is a yummy treat at the end of it! Plus it also saves you having to make the tea. Homemade pizzas are perfect because everyone can lend a hand in mixing and rolling the dough, then just put a mixture of toppings in little bowls on the table and let the kiddies choose what they want on and how they want it. Encourage them to get creative by making a picture or to spell out their name in sweetcorn.
I know i'm not the only one who always ends up with odd left over socks at the end of the wash. So lets reuse them and make sock puppets. You can get cheap craft bits at your local market or if its not market day tesco and asda sometimes have little bits and bobs for making things. This activity would probably suit the older kids who you can teach to use a needle and thread(we did this in school aged 8/9). After you've made the puppets they can put on a puppet show for all the family.
Buttons necklaces are great fun the little ones will spend ages making and remaking necklaces for you and them. Get a selection of different sized buttons depending on how old your little one is and some string and let them get creative.


There are rocks everywhere so let the kiddies pick there favourite to bring home and paint. They could make bugs, monsters or just a pretty patterns. Plus once they dry you could use them as a door stop or put them on display for everyone to see. A good tip is to add some clear varnish or something similar over the top and use them to brighten up the garden.

There are always going to be days when no one wants to do anything productive or fun. These days are for cuddles on the sofa, a good film and yummy food. No one expects any parent to do an activity every day for 6 weeks running so don't feel bad for just having a chilled out day filled with nothing. Sometimes its exactly what everyone needs.

You can find loads more ideas online:
Let us know in the comments what your planing on getting up to this summer with the kids!
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