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Regardless of where you live the chances are you have to share most of your home with parents, children or room mates. It doesn't matter where you're living its nice to have a space to wind down in at the end of the day. It shouldn't have to break the bank to do so either.


Make your room feel cosy and relaxed with some different lighting.

Fairy lights and lamps are a great way to give a lower light in the evening to watch TV or read a book. Wrap them around your headboard on your bed or around a shelf.








Blankets and throws are perfect for giving a room a bit of character but whilst still serving a purpose too. Nothing better than snuggling under a blanket watching a film in the evenings.



Ornaments and keepsakes on show look great to fill the walls and make it feel homely. You can get loads of different shapes to suit you.





Candles are a great way to make a room smell nice and feel relaxing. Flamingo candles offer a range of jars and melts in lots of different scents to suit you. You can also sign up to a monthly box of melts delivered to your door!

Thunderstorm jar

Having a space of your own is so important, to relax and have some time for yourself. Make it yours and somewhere you enjoy spending time.

Have fun accessorising your room.

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