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Its nearly the end of august already! where has the summer gone? 
With only 2 weeks till schools are back i thought id put together a little list of fun little essentials to get the older kids excited about going back to high school!
1. New school bag!
I remember this being my favourite bit about going back to school, getting to choose a new bag! 
for the boys, and blue and navy adidas rucksack will keep then going for the year, plenty of room for all the books and pe kits. Plus its nice and simple so wont have to worry about it not being in fashion.
for the girls, the in trend is metals so a metallic satchel is a great idea for a school bag. keeping on trend and practical.
2. An umbrella!
From September on wards its probably going to rain in the uk as that's what it always does, so if your teenagers walk to school make sure to send them off with an umbrella!
Our monochrome mega bowtastic umbrellas will sure make the girls feel glamorous in the miserable weather.
Dear boys, umbrellas are great they keep your dry miles better than a coat, why wont you carry them!
My mum used to buy so many pens and cool pencils when i was in school im pretty sure we still have some of them in the packaging 😆. But saying that the amount of pens school kids loose and lend out is amazing, they start the year with a full pencil case and end it with a pen a ruler and a pencil!
I love this one! (they draw all over them anyway)
4. Water bottle,
You can get water in school but you usually have to pay for it unless you have a bottle or a cup with you. so save some money and get a bottle you can shove in your bag for school.
I love this bottle!, it will last a long time and looks really so adorable!
How smart does this look for your grown up boy!
Do you have a not so little one starting high school this year? Or do you remember your first day of high school let us know in the comments!
Amber x


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