Summer rain

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As much as we wish it wouldn't, here in the UK it rains every summer without fail. But you cant be wearing your big waterproof winter coat in the middle of summer you'll melt!


So put your winter rain gear back in the wardrobe and check out these summer alternatives!


ASOS rain mac 

lightweight and in a beautiful summery print, you wont feel like its raining when your wearing this.




Keeping dry whilst looking good couldn't be easier with an umbrella like this, choose from lots of colours and different accessories to match your style and mood.



Now hear me out on this one but when you don't want to ruin your nice shoes in the rain but its also way to hot for wellies, what do you do?. Crocs! Don't panic i don't mean the ones that we all famously hate, they have some that look like actual shoes and best of all wont get ruined in the rain.



Make up forever aqua seal

No more panda eyes in the rain, just add a drop or two to your make up and its waterproof! It works for eye make up and foundation.


Make sure your prepared this summer because if we can have snow in may chances are it will rain in the summer!



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