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Travelling is usually stressful and tiring, so here are a few of my most important travel essentials to make your journeys that little bit easier.


Whether you're going a girl's holiday or taking the kids away in the summer,there are couple of items that you just can't do without.


Firstly, entertainment!  

If its a long flight or drive you will get bored quickly so make sure you have something to do.


Pack a tablet with some films and music loaded on (don't forget headphones!). This way you can access books, films, the internet and everything else all in one place. Download lots of games and entertain the little ones too.




Food! We all need to eat and the same goes for travelling, especially when its a long journey and you don't want to keep stopping every time you're hungry. Snacks that don't need to be eaten hot or cold are the best like chocolate and dried fruit.





Neck pillows are great if you know you're going to be having a sleep on your travels.


The Snugpak butterfly neck pillow is fantastic for traveling as it deflates to fit into your bag!


A portable charger is a must have for any journey, keep your phone charged and your laptop or tablet.




A travel wallet is another essential, keep all your tickets and id all safe in one place! no having to dig out your passport from the bottom of your bag.

Rendezvous travel wallet


Baby wipes! These are great for everything even if you don't have children. Use them to clean up spills, wipe your face after a flight even use them if you haven't been able to use a shower for a little while. Plus they are really inexpensive at less than a £1 a packet.


Make sure you stock up on these before you go travelling! What are your travel essentials?

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