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It is officially summer! Not that we can tell with all the rain we seem to be having. So whilst everyone is talking about jetting off abroad to chase the sun im going to give you some fab ideas of places to go and things to do in the good old UK.


When i was younger we always used to do a big family holiday in the summer where everyone would meet up at the place we were staying and spend the week altogether.

Cornwall is a brilliant place to go on holiday because its much warmer than the rest of the country and has some gorgeous views and beaches.



Fancy a grown up weekend London with loads of things to keep you busy.

London has pretty much everything on offer, fancy restaurants, sights to see, shopping and much more.






Remember Butlins and Haven caravan holidays? Well they are still around and are a great idea for families with a smaller holiday budget. They offer kids clubs and lots of entertainment on the park, plus you can explore the little towns, villages and beaches of site. Some even offer glamping!






There are loads of great things to do without traveling abroad that will still feel like a getaway. With the added bonus of Scotland and Wales only a short distance away you will be able to find somewhere you fancy going.

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