Umbrellas for men

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Now gents... how many of you actually own an umbrella? 


I'm forever seeing guys on the way to work in the rain absolutely drenched!

You could of avoided sitting in work wet through if you had just used an umbrella.


Here at love umbrellas we don't just sell pretty flowery umbrellas although we do love them. We have something to fit everyone including you umbrella avoiding men! 


Now for those of you who want to keep it plain and simple we have a plain black umbrella with a smart looking wooden handle. It goes with everything and all our umbrellas are designed so they wont turn inside out when its windy!


Now for you gents who wear a lot of suits and have to look smart an alternative to the black is our grey umbrella. 

This umbrella comes in, black, grey, red, yellow, blue, deep red, white, green, mustard, navy, orange and purple, so your sure to find a colour that you like.

If you want something fun and different we have star wars inspired, light saber umbrellas!

Umbrellas are great to keep in the car and in the office for when your caught short by the weather. Even the rich and famous make use of an good umbrella.




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