Umbrellas in Bath

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We get so many umbrella display pictures sent in from around the globe, so when we heard a shopping centre in bath went all out and suspended a thousand umbrellas above one of their streets we decided to see what other displays we could find.

Southgate in Bath

They took their inspo from the display in Portugal last year and decided to bring it back bigger and better this year.

 Ágitagueda urban art and music festival

In Portugal every July the streets of Águeda fill with colourful umbrellas.


Liverpool city centre

In Liverpool two hundred umbrellas were suspended in the air to raise awareness of ADHD 

Umbrellas in the Village Mall, Dubai

Dubai is home to the worlds biggest and most expensive buildings, but nestled in a smaller boutique shopping centre with the coffee shops is this gorgeous display of umbrellas.

Marbella market display

Sent in by a lovely customer whilst on her holidays.


If you spot any more fabulous displays please do send them to us or tag us, we just love to see your pictures!!



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